Daniel von Lison is one of the top piano and keyboard artists. With his unique arrangements he is always welcomed as a solo artist all over Europe. Instead of the piano he usually plays a huge concert instrument with three rows of keys offering the sound illusion of a full orchestra or a big band. This visually stunning, snow-white instrument is in its kind one of the world`s largest and most expensive one.

Daniel von Lison who was born in Baden-Baden, has had an interesting musical career: he had his first contacts with music at the age of seven. It is remarkable that already then he was enthusiastic and passionate for electronic keyboard instruments next to the classical piano. His musical basics had Daniel taught himself initially in autodidactical study. Later, he received an education at the conservatory of Wiesbaden. Since Daniel showed already quite young that he had talent, and was working with great diligence to improve his musical progress, was working hard and devoted all his spare time to music, the first successes came quite fast: At 15, he made his first public appearance and a year later he performed his first concerts. Those were followed by several concert tours throughout Europe. His gala and concert programs include an enormous musical range for all different tastes. Sure of the stylish requirement and without fear he moves through a wide range of music from the classics, jazz and pop, to latin- and film music.

Zestful, soulful, expressive, playing on a high technical level - these attributes have been rated given by the music critics to Daniel von Lison. He counts now as one of the best artists of his genre. For the past twenty years, this likeable artist is on stage and thrilled audiences worldwide with his 3-manual show instrument. In 2010, Daniel composed the official anthem of the Order of St. Stanislas, which is now played on all its worldwide events.

Together with music producer and composer Lothar Geissler (also known as David Bloom, P.M.G, Al Gee, etc.), Daniel von Lison founded in 2010 the PARAMUSIX project which operates under the auspices of the grand priory of Germany of the order of St. Stanislas. PARAMUSIX organizes concerts with renowned artists in order to generate funds for charitable purposes; on the other hand, it also creates musical platforms and performance opportunities for disabled and socially disadvantaged people. All proceeds will benefit selected social institutions.

Concerts, gala events and performances in front of prominent figures from business and politics are as much part of the long list of his achievements, as countless private engagements. Several CD releases demonstrate not only Daniel von Lison’s qualities as an instrumentalist and performer, but also as a composer.



Paramusix Konzert



Fashion Krajewscy Symphony